The latest on the new Highmark Stadium in Buffalo

Update on New Highmark Stadium

Update on New Highmark Stadium

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Buffalo Bills are preparing to play Cincinnati on Sunday Night football right here on News10NBC.

News10NBC wanted to prepare by going to Buffalo to get the very latest on the new Highmark Stadium, set to open in 2026. Chief investigative reporter Berkeley Brean got access to the head of design and construction for the new stadium.

“When this goes up I think people are going to be in awe of the shear volume and size of the facility,” says Frank Cravotta.

The worst seat in Highmark Stadium is the best seat to see the new Highmark Stadium.

The foundation is getting poured and the foundation walls are going up. In three years, it will look something like Tottenham Stadium in London where the bills played last month.

The levels are stacked on top of each other and it’s an open concourse.

Berkeley Brean, News10NBC: “So while you’re waiting to get your hot dog and your beer you can still check out the game?”
John Polka, V.P. Stadium Development: “Exactly.”
Frank Cravotta, Exec. V.P. Stadium Design: “As opposed to kind of, what you see behind us, flowing outward, right? So all the seats are closer. It’s louder. It’s more intimate. 

Berkeley went to Frank Cravotta and John Polka to learn one thing about the new stadium that no one has heard before. And he got it, sort of.

Frank Cravotta: “I’m not going to describe exactly what it is but I’ll say it’s the first to be done in the National Football League. 

Coming up on Monday at 5 p.m. on News10NBC, we’re going to take you from here into the future, to the new Highmark Stadium and we’re going to share information about the stadium no one’s heard yet.