The Pines of Perinton residents call for action from town on living conditions

Pines of Perinton residents call for action from town

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PERINTON, N.Y. — People at The Pines of Perinton say they’re still dealing with issues, and they want the town of Perinton to do something about it.

Maintenance and construction problems continue to impact those who call The Pines of Perinton home. Wednesday night, residents and allies took their complaints straight to the Town Board.

Lisa has lived at The Pines of Perinton for eight years and says she is tired of excuses.

“We would expect communication and updates on anything happening. There’s been numerous things that have been completely unacceptable to us,” she said.

After receiving notice in December that she would be among the many Pines of Perinton neighbors forced to live in a temporary apartment while repairs are made to her building, Lisa says promises haven’t been kept.

“There’s asbestos, another thing — where is the asbestos going? There’s not the proper things going on there concerning the asbestos. They have the actual demo, they have renovations, they have the concrete. they have the water mains,” she said.

Ongoing construction to fix maintenance issues ranging from mouse infestations to heating and water issues have only led to more proplems.

Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna says meetings with WinnCompanies, the company that owns the property, are on the calendar, and that the town is ready to conduct inspections.

“As far as inspections are concerned, if need be we will go in and inspect them. That is something that we will have to talk about,” Hanna said during the Town Board meeting.

Tiffany Porter and members of Being Black in the Burbs who showed up at the meeting say action can’t be taken soon enough.

“They can implement citations for WinnCompanies and follow through and make sure to improve the living conditions for the people who live at The Pines of Perinton,” Porter said.

News10NBC has reached out to WinnCompanies for comment.

Neighbors at The Pines of Perinton hope that by raising their concerns to the Town Board, building code will be enforced and citations will be issued as needed.