‘The utmost respect’: Homeowner and Amazon driver who saluted flags meet for first time

Homeowner meets Amazon driver who saluted his flaga

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HAMLIN, N.Y. — Last month, a security camera captured an Amazon driver stopping to salute the American flag and Army Retired flag flying out in front of a home in Hamlin after delivering a package.

Friday night, we learned that delivery driver’s name is Thomas Dentino, homeowner Mike Borrelli was watching on his security camera.

Borrelli is a veteran and says he was honored by the driver’s humbling gesture and just wanted to make sure he’s recognized.

On Friday night, the two met, at Bill Gray’s Tap Room in Greece.

“i”I was just doing my job and I noticed the brand-new flag and the retired veteran, and I pay the respect when it’s due — our American flag deserves every ounce of respect during these times,” Dentino said.

“To me, after serving 25 years in the military, it’s very humbling; for somebody to stop and do that is the utmost respect,” Borrelli said.

The two say that after meeting, they both feel like they’ve found a new family member.