The votes are in: Citrus Pils will be Genesee Brewery’s next specialty beer

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Genesee Brewery announced its first ever specialty beer chosen by fans on Thursday.

After more than 10,500 votes, the public chose Citrus Pils as their most desired flavor. The pilsner-style ale with bright flavors of tangerine and lime will be available in 12 packs of 12-ounce cans starting in the first week of November. The brewery described the new beer as the “winter cousin” of their other specialty beer Ruby Red Kolsch.

“Out of 10,500 votes, this flavor won by a land slide. Genny fans can’t seem to get enough of our citrus beers,” said Tiffany Benning, brand manager for the Genesee Brewery.

The voting campaign lasted for months. Genesee Brewery also launched a game on its social media for fans to try to guess the winning flavor.

Citrus Pils will be available across New York State along with Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Vermont, and Ohio.