Think it’s hard driving in the storm? Try working in it

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A lot of us had to work in the storm today including a woman whose job required her to walk 10 miles.

Brean: “What is it like to be working out in these conditions today?”

Mary Salamone, USPS postal carrier: “Oh it’s treacherous. I’ve got about five layers on. Double hand warmers. Ice grippers on my boots. And I’m just trying to take extra breaks and stay warm.”

Salamone has been a postal carrier for USPS for four years. She is one of 825 carriers working in our area in the storm Friday.

Brean: “Give our viewers a sense — what’s the hardest thing to deal with? Is it the cold? Is it the snow? Is it the wind? The ice? What?”

Salamone: “Oh, it’s all of it combined. I mean you have to be prepared and you have to dress for the elements and bring extra stuff with you.”

Since Thanksgiving, carriers in our region, like Salamone, have delivered 1.5 million packages to people’s homes.

Occasionally, neighbors came out to say thank you. Today most stayed inside where it was warm.

Brean: “I suppose you have to watch these branches above you too right, with this wind?”

Salamone: “Yes, you have to look all around you.”

Brean: “So you’ve done this for four years. Are these the hardest conditions you’ve worked in?”

Salamone: “So far yes. And tomorrow is going to be even worse. So we just have to get out here and get our job done and have everyone have a nice holiday.”

Salamone started delivering at 6 a.m. this morning. A lot of packages she had to deliver just before Christmas. She’s got to go to 685 different homes and she logs 10 miles a day.