Nearly 3,000 run and walk in 51st annual Webster Turkey Trot

WEBSTER, N.Y. — Nearly 3,000 people ran or walked in the 51st annual Webster Turkey Trot at Webster Park on Thanksgiving Day.

The 2.5-mile and 4.4-mile is a Webster tradition draws people from all over the area, some wearing costumes. The winner of the 2.5-mile race for the men was Van Voss of Rochester, with a time of 14:21 (5:45 mile pace). The winner for the women was Chelsea Rodger of Rochester, with a time of 17:58 (7:11 mile pace).

For the 4.4-mile race, the winner for the men was Ben Dertinger of Webster with a time of 20:59 (4:46 mile pace). For the women, the winner was Jordyn Naylon of Plattsburgh with a time of 24:41 (5:37 mile pace).

Runners who we spoke with say it feels good for them to get out and enjoy a race before eating a big meal.

“It’s been a tradition. Some of us would do it every year. This year, we got the whole gang to come out and do it so it really means a lot,” said runner Claire Costanza.

The annual run also features a food drive that helps out the Hope House in Webster. The run was started by Jim May, an English Teacher and Cross Country coach in Webster, as a Thanksgiving Day workout for his athletes. You can see the results here.