Three sets of Holley twins make the top of their class

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HOLLEY, N.Y. — It’s a heartwarming story to kick off the high school graduation season.

In the Village of Holley, three sets of twins made top ten of their class. News10NBC’s Eriketa Cost spoke to them about the accomplishment.

They’re often referred to as “The Twins.”

“A lot of our classmates have always seen us as like, the same person,” said Emily Sprague.

But they’re so much more than that; they’re six stellar students, with six different personalities, and six unique dreams for their futures.

“I’d say we’re all kind of completely different, and like little do people know that,” said Emily.

On top of that, they all have each other’s backs.

“We may not have all the same friends, but since we are all twins, our groups kind of overlap because our grade is so small,” said Ava Quincey.

“We’ve been invited to each other’s birthday parties when we were little,” said Lydia Sprague. “We have lot of memories together, it’s been really cool to have another set of twins, like two sets of twins to relate to.”

Ava and Elise Quincey share love for music, and spending time outside.

Emily and Lydia Sprague both love to cheer.

And Sarah and Shannon Kelly love outdoor activities — like jet-skiing and riding four-wheelers.

When they’re in class, they all have the same goal — to be on top. But for them, it’s never about rivalry, or tough competition.

“We’ve had such a great support system with having twins,” said Sarah Kelly. “So you can have someone to relate to, not only academically, but also just personally.”

“Sweat out the small stuff, the small fights,” said Sarah. “Because your twin, your sibling, or whoever, in the end they’re always going to be there for you.”

“We want to achieve well in our class,” said Ava. “But we weren’t like breaking each other down trying to do it, it was more of like an uplift.”

Through all the challenges of high school and growing up, they’ve learned to lean on each other.

“Even if you don’t have a twin, you just have a sibling, it’s really good to just have like a support system, and a group of friends you can always trust and be with,” said Lydia.

Along the way, learning the importance of individuality, embracing who they are and sharing their gifts with the world.

“You can still be your own person,” said Ava.

“Be yourself,” said Elise.

“We can speak as ourselves and not just, ‘The Spragues’ are talking,” said Lydia. “It’s Lily and Lydia. And it’s really nice to have that.”

All six girls have different plans for after graduation. Some are headed to college, and a few will be taking a gap year.

Graduation is June 29.