Tips for returning gifts this holiday season

Dec. 26 at the mall: Many happy returns

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Some people spend the day after Christmas lounging around, spending time with family. And some are out at the mall returning some Christmas gifts for various reasons.

Maybe you got the wrong size, already had it, or just didn’t like it –there are many reasons people return gifts.

But if you’re returning today or in the near future, the New York State Division of Consumer Protections offers some tips for returning merchandise properly:

— Pay attention to return policies. Retailers are required by New York State law to post clear explanations of their policy for you.

— Understand the refund terms. Retailers have to explain those to you, too.

— And keep any proof of purchase.

Shopper Isabella Denaro was at the mall returning a pair of leggings today and used these tips.

“I returned a pair of Lululemon leggings. My dad got me a size 4 and I am not a size 4. I actually wrote Dad a PowerPoint of what size I was, and he just didn’t read it, I guess,” Denaro said.

If you want to read more on these tips for returning, you can find the website for the New York State Division of Consumer Protection here