Town of Pittsford says ‘Drag Story Time’ can go on without extra security fees

PITTSFORD, N.Y. – The Town of Pittsford has dropped its request for organizers of an upcoming drag story time to foot the bill for additional security.

Originally, the April 15th event was planned for the Pittsford Community Center, but after uproar, organizers moved it to Book Culture, a bookstore on Main Street.

Town officials wanted organizers to pay for additional security, saying the event would require it – and that taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill.

According to the town, on Sunday, a “legal advocacy group” mentioned taking legal action against Pittsford if it required organizers to pay for security.

A statement from the town reads in part: “Having to defend a controversial lawsuit easily could result in an expenditure of taxpayer funds far more burdensome than the costs involved in providing security. It would negate the Town’s good faith effort to spare taxpayers the cost imposed by the event.

What we saved taxpayers in one way would be spent in another.”

Instead, town officials say organizers will get their wish to rely on their own security arrangements and on law enforcement if it’s needed.

The entire statement from the Town of Pittsford is below:

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