Town of Walworth discovers $15,000 in taxpayer money missing

WALWORTH, N.Y. – Taxpayers in the Town of Walworth, in Wayne County, are in the red. The town recently discovered nearly $15,000 of taxpayer money went missing.

Early last year, the town board discovered significant errors in the town’s financials. A forensic accountant found, in the fourth quarter of 2021, nearly $15,000 dollars went missing.           

The state comptroller confirmed those findings and discovered to whom that money went to, but according to the town’s statement, “Declined to pursue.”           

The Walworth Town Board has decided not to try to recover the money, saying it would cost more to get it back than what’s owed.

In a statement, Walworth Town Supervisor Michael Donalty said, “What happened is wrong. Our only solace is that this incident may yet serve as an expensive reminder of why it is essential to elect people of character to public office.”