UPDATE: Ex-girlfriend, investigators take stand in day 4 of Troy Parker’s arson/murder trial

Troy Parker trial, Day 4

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Testimony continued Friday in the arson and murder trial of Troy Parker, who is accused of killing a Rochester woman, Fantasia Stone, by setting her on fire last year.

Four witnesses took the stand Friday including Parker’s ex-girlfriend, investigators, and a forensic criminalist with Monroe County.

Tanesh Holley, 48, took the stand Friday and testified that she saw Parker the night after the arson and murder of which he is accused.

Holley described her relationship with Parker as “breaking up and fading.” She testified that she was at a friend’s house on the night the fire took place, when she got a call from Parker asking for a ride. She said that wasn’t unusual, as he often would call her and ask for rides.

Holley said she picked him up in the area of Frost Avenue and Genesee Street.

Prosecutors had a map of the area laid out, and Holley pointed to the map and showed the route she took to get to Parker. She said he got in the car along with another man. Parker sat in the back of the car, and the other man sat in the passenger seat. Parker came back to her apartment, where she fell asleep on the sofa, and took him back to his home on Lake Avenue the next day.

She says that’s when she noticed a gauze on his left hand.

At one point, Holley said, Parker asked her if she heard anything, but she wasn’t aware of what he was referring to.

A forensic criminalist with Monroe County explained that ignitable liquid oils were found in 10 out of the 12 pieces of evidence he examined.

Assistant District Attorney Patrick Gallagher laid out several pieces of key evidence and presented it to witnesses as they took the stand. Among the evidence were containers including items such as a cap, partially burned carpet, soiled gauze, shoes and a Styrofoam cup.

The lead investigator walked the jury through hours of video the night of April 11, 2023, into the overnight hours of April 12. In that video taken from a store on Jefferson Avenue, investigators pointed out you can see Troy Parker purchasing lighter fluid. He is with another man investigators refer to as the green checkered shirt guy.

The prosecutor talked about emotions flying high in the courtroom.

“Obviously, it’s tough for the family — they’ve been here all week, they’ve been strong. Sometimes they’ve had to leave the courtroom because it’s not easy to hear some of the testimony. But I appreciate that they’ve been here to support us and to support their mother, and obviously we’re doing everything we can to get justice for Fantasia.”

Parker’s family was at court Friday.

“We send our deepest condolences, anything — my grandma is doing a lot. She’s handling it the best way she can. He has a lot of daughters to begin with … he was with my mother for 17 years,” Parker’s daughter told News10NBC. “They’ve been together for a long time. I’ve never seen my dad do anything of this type of nature.”

Fantasia Stone’s family was in the courtroom too, but they were too emotional to talk.

Prosecutors are expecting to wrap up their case early next week. There has been no indication yet on whether Parker will testify in his own defense.

The following report aired in the 6 p.m. broadcast:

Day 4 of Troy Parker murder-arson trial

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The following report aired in the 4 p.m. broadcast:

Testimony continues in Troy Parker’s murder, arson trial

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