U of R professor speaks about nuclear fusion reaction that could be a gamechanger for clean energy

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It’s being called the Holy Grail of clean energy. A nuclear fusion reaction that creates an endless supply of cheap, renewable energy has been discovered. This is something scientists have been chasing for decades.

This discovery was made at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California. Governments have spent billions of dollars chasing the fusion dream, trying to replicate how the sun produces energy.

Now with this breakthrough, it means clean energy could be produced without radioactive waste or fossil fuel emissions.

A professor at the University of Rochester weighs in on the discovery.

“If we had fusion, we could drop fossil fuels immediately and forever, right. It would be game over we would have all the energy we needed more than all the energy we needed,” said Adam Frank, a University of Rochester Astrophysics professor.

Scientists say it could take a decade or more to develop the massive fusion power plants that would power entire cities.