Union files lawsuit accusing Hickey Freeman of stealing workers’ wages

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Charges have been filed against clothing company Hickey Freeman. The Rochester Regional Joint Board of Workers claims the company stole wages from employees.

The lawsuit claims that, instead of deducting union dues and 401k contributions and sending the money to a dedicated fund, Hickey Freeman used that money for other purposes.

According to the suit, the company also owes $3 million to the employee health fund. The union says that’s despite Hickey Freeman getting more than $70 million in local, state, and federal relief aid.

Company officials responded to the allegations, saying quote:

“We have never stolen worker wages and the very notion that we would is defamatory. It is true we have debt to our health benefits provider incurred primarily during the pandemic when most of our sales were wiped out. We are working tirelessly to make sure coverage does not lapse.”