UPDATE: Geneseo High School football player is recovering after injury during Sept. 23 game

GENESEO, N.Y. — Geneseo High School football player Julian Huffman is recovering after he was rushed off the field by ambulance during a home game against York on September 23.

His mother wrote on Facebook that Huffman “seems to be in a great positive spirit.” She said her son had breakfast with his teammates and had his staples removed.

After the sports injury, Huffman suffered from a subdural brain bleed. He went to Strong Hospital for an emergency surgery, a craniotomy.

Doctors are anticipating a 6-12 month recovery for Huffman, said his mother. Here is the statement from Huffman’s mother:

“God is definitely Good and our guardian angels are watching over Julian. Staples removed yesterday, and today he decided to have breakfast with the team. He seems to be in a great positive spirit. MRI at 2:30pm and then some rest before the game tonight!!! Lots of rest as he will have a long recovery. His neurosurgeon is anticipating a 6-12 month recovery! But we know better! We know our fighter and I say cut that in half!!! Again, now that life is starting to “normalize” somewhat, I’d like to once again take the time to say thank you to everyone for your continued prayers, support and love! The daily messages give us such positive feelings and the will and drive to keep fighting! Thank you thank you thank you!! #34isEternal. #JulianStrong”