Uptick in illegal crossings, officials call for more northern border security

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Calls for more security at the northern border: Local Congresswoman Claudia Tenney says more needs to be done to prevent illegal crossings from Canada.

Tenney visited border patrol stations in western New York on Friday, and called on the Biden administration to take steps to address what she calls ‘vulnerabilities and unprecedented challenges’ facing customs and border patrol agents.

Border patrol agents confirmed to our Buffalo affiliate that they have seen an uptick in illegal crossings involving human and drug smuggling operations.

“The numbers, and the amounts of illegal fentanyl, illegal drugs, novelty drugs like ecstasy and others that are coming across the border, human trafficking – is all happening at our northern border as well, and these are a threat to our society and communities,” says Tenney.

Last week, Congresswoman Tenney and a group of representatives formed the Northern Border Security Caucus.