URMC’s new orthopaedic center open to all ages

URMC orthopaedic center

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HENRIETTA, N.Y. – The University of Rochester’s new orthopaedics facility in Henrietta opened on Monday. And, it has a pretty hefty price tag, $227 million.

The University of Rochester says the facility “Expands its capacity to care for patients and it answers a growing demand for orthopaedic care” for patients old and young. 

The UR Medicine Orthopaedics and Physical Performance Center in Henrietta is located in the vacant Sears at Marketplace Mall.

This facility is the first of it’s kind in Western New York. It is equipped to help both athletes and non-athletes with physical therapy and movement disorders.

One big part of this facility is a program UR calls Fitness Science.

“So a lot of our initial clientele, if you will, were former rehab patients that finally had an understanding of rehab, of their body, of just safe methods for training and then wanted to continue on. And that’s kind of why we stuck with them and we created this program and now we do it before people get injured,” Director of Operations for Fitness Science Conner Lorenzo said.

If you want to use the facility, you’ll have to be referred by a doctor. But some local colleges and high schools have a contract with UR to use it.