WATCH: Video of stolen car crash with deputy’s SUV prompts Monroe County Undersheriff to call for change

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – News10NBC is investigating the body-worn camera video of a stolen car that crashed into a Monroe County Sheriff deputy’s SUV in Webster.

This is the crash two weeks ago that prompted the sheriff’s office to ask how long it will be before someone is killed by a stolen car.

On June 28, sheriff’s deputies and police were chasing stolen Kias and Hyundais. A stolen car crashed into the MCSO SUV at Bay and Ridge roads in Webster.

The body-worn camera video shows the car surrounded by deputies with their weapons drawn and pointing at the car. A deputy uses a “glass breaker” to shatter the passenger window and then tears the inflated air bag to see inside.

Then, calmly, he tells the teenage boy inside: “Turn the car off. Put it in park. Crawl towards me.”

Deputy: “You injured?”
Teen: “My leg hurt a little bit.”
Deputy: “What part of your leg? Like your knee hurts or your thigh hurts?”
Teen: “The bottom part.”
Deputy: “The bottom part of your leg?”

The teenage boy eventually was loaded on a stretcher and into an ambulance. At roughly the same time, sheriff’s deputies were chasing teenagers in stolen cars 2 miles north at Bay and Lake roads.

“Stop running!” a deputy yells.

Eventually he tackles a teenage girl. As they catch their breath, the deputy calls in his location and then asks the girl, “You okay?”

The girl’s answers to the deputy’s questions were redacted by the sheriff’s office.

As one deputy walks to the perimeter of the scene at Bay and Ridge, a frantic woman comes into the camera’s view.

“That (expletive) just sped by and almost killed kids in a (expletive) car!” she yells.

At a news conference called the next day, Monroe County Undersheriff Korey Brown asked, “How long until more innocent people are killed or even those that are stealing the cars are killed? As we saw in the video, they are not driving carefully. It’s only a matter of time before we have multiple fatalities in these accidents. We need to do something.”

At that news conference, the sheriff’s office asked for a special detention center for teenagers caught in stolen cars. A week later, Gov. Kathy Hochul said she’s open to the idea.

We have not heard about any change since then.