WATCH: Video shows the moment a Greece school bus was t-boned and flipped

Video shows moment of Greece bus crash

Video shows moment of Greece bus crash

GREECE, N.Y. — The dramatic video we have that shows the school bus crash in Greece Thursday is the same video Greece police used to investigate how it happened.

When you watch the video, watch the blue SUV on Peck Road. It was approaching a stop sign. The Greece school bus had the right of way on North Greece Road.

The bus flipped and came to rest on the front lawn of Jack and Colleen Convoy.

“I came home from the VA and I went to the door to get my mail, and just then I heard the two crashes –and I looked outside and the bus was on its side sliding along the road,” Jack Convoy said.

Berkeley Brean: “What did that sound sound like?”
Jack Conroy: “Like an explosion.”

Inside the bus were two students with special needs, one of them in a wheelchair, along with two of their aides and the driver.

Greece schools say they all left the hospital Friday.

Colleen Convoy collected chairs and blankets for the children and stayed with them before firefighters and police arrived.

“The children, they remained very, very calm because the trauma of your bus being on its side sliding, I was amazed,” Colleen said. “Later in the evening Jack and I were in trauma so can’t imagine what they were like.”

Brean: “So you were consoling them.”
Colleen Conroy: “Oh, gosh, yes, You had to sit with them.”
Brean: “So what were you saying to them and what were they saying to you?”
Colleen Conroy: “‘Everything will be okay.’ I asked to talk to their mom when they were on their cell phone and I just tried to reassure her that they were okay, that they were probably going to go to the hospital.”

Greece police say the driver of the SUV that hit the bus is 82-year-old Charles Fischer. He is out of the hospital. Greece police gave him a ticket for going through the stop sign.