Classes to resume Friday after online threat at Wayland-Cohocton

Wayland-Cohocton District closes after threat

Wayland-Cohocton District closes after threat

WAYLAND, N.Y. — Classes were canceled for a local district Thursday after a high school student got a threat on Snapchat.

This happened in the Wayland-Cohocton School District. And News10NBC learned a teen in Wisconsin is believed to be behind the threat and has been arrested.

It seems like this was an empty threat. No one was injured, but it was certainly unsettling.

The student received a picture of what appears to be a gun with a warning saying “Don’t come to school tomorrow”.

The sheriff says the student doesn’t know the person who sent it. That student showed it to a friend, who showed it to their parents, who alerted the sheriff’s department. And out of caution, Wayland-Cohocton leaders canceled classes and activities for the day.

The sheriff’s office worked with the Monroe County Crime Analysis Center and the New York State Intelligence Center and contacted Snap Incorporated to track down where the message came from.

The sheriff says a student in Wisconsin also received a threat like this one. That school also canceled classes.

The teen under arrest attends that school.

Sheriff Allard says the students made the right decision to speak up.

“So, we received the threat at 10:20 last night. We didn’t have all of the information on the whereabouts of the originator until probably nine this morning. By that time, everything had gone through channels and information and came back,” says Allard. “So, I think the school, rightly so, aired on the side of caution. And, you know, what’s what’s one day of missed instruction compared to public safety. By felony conviction, even for any person over the age of 12, is going to have a record attached to it and could end up with that person in security tension, especially security tension depending on their age. They could be removed from their family for a conviction of that level. So, it’s not just a slap on the wrist and you get detention.”

Some activities in Wayland Cohocton resumed Thursday afternoon. News10NBC just checked in with a district spokesperson who tells us classes will go on as normal on Friday.