Weather in Depth: What does the wooly caterpillar predict for our winter?

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Well, it is that time of the year where everyone is looking for a prediction on this year’s winter, and more specifically on how much snow we will see this year. While there is a lot that goes into seasonal forecasting, especially for winter, it is time for the meteorologists to take a back seat and let the wooly caterpillars make their prediction!

This is the time of the year where many start to see the wooly insects, and many believe their fur color can determine what is ahead for the upcoming winter. News10NBC’s own First Alert Meteorologist Rich Caniglia has spotted one earlier this week which could line up very well for the winter. The one that Rich was able to spot had a little black fur near the head with brown through the body and blacker towards the tail — and according to weather folklore, this means that winter will start out mild but end harshly with cold and snow. Believe it or not, this does line up nicely with what typical El Ninos bring our region.

Now if you’re looking for another easy winter, like last season, you’d like to see more brown fur –while a harsher and snowier winter prediction will require more black fur than brown fur.

Not only will the wooly caterpillars continue to make their predictions on the upcoming winter, so will the entire First Alert Weather Team! More on that will air Wednesday, Nov. 22, at 7:30 p.m. as the First Alert Weather team will provide their winter weather prediction!