What’s with the generators and gas cans up on utility poles? Here’s the answer

CHILI, N.Y. – There are generators attached to utility poles with gas cans sticking out of them. When an alert viewer brought this to our attention, we knew we had to figure out what’s going on here. And guess what? It involves RG&E.

It’s not entirely RG&E’s fault, but a delay in their work is causing Spectrum to jerry-rig that power source so people can get their internet. And we found out, it’s not working that well.

When I arrived to the scene on Marshall Road in Chili, a Spectrum truck was here refilling the gas can and inserting it back into the generator to keep it running.

The town supervisor told me a car crashed into this pole recently. The pole is repaired, but RG&E still hasn’t hooked up power to Spectrum’s internet and TV box. So, the only way Spectrum keeps it powered is with a gas guzzling generator. When the gas runs out, so does the internet, and for the last two weeks, folks in this neighborhood get outage notices all the time.

Spectrum told me in an email, “We are waiting for local utility to turn the power on.”

It’s happening in Henrietta too. A car crashed into the pole in front of David Maliszesky’s house on Bailey Road.

I saw the generator and gas can up on the new utility pole powering the Spectrum box and I also saw the RG&E meter that hasn’t been hooked up yet.

“My bedroom is up in this corner. I can barely sleep with this damn thing going on,” he said. And every time I come out they say, ‘we’re waiting for RG&E, we’re waiting for RG&E’.

Maliszesky says he hasn’t lost internet or TV, but when you hear the generator that runs 24 hours a day, it’s a real nuisance.

Brean: “You say they come by here and fill that gas tank up every now and then?”

Maliszesky: “Oh, about every four hours. All night long and every four hours they come here. They’ve been here twice already today.”

An email from RG&E Wednesday afternoon says they have scheduled the work to hook up the Spectrum boxes Thursday, barring any emergency.