Will the clouds hinder the view of the Aurora Thursday Night?

Weather in Depth: Could we see the northern lights tonight?

Weather in Depth: Could we see the northern lights tonight?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It seems like every other week we are talking about the Aurora as it will once again be visible Thursday night.

Another solar flare is headed straight towards Earth, and is expected to make impact Thursday night. Once again here in Rochester, the clouds will make it tough to view with our next rain maker, for Friday, moving in overnight. The forecast is calling for clouds to increase through the overnight period and turning overcast by daybreak Friday.

This will make it a little hard to view them, but cloudy skies are not expected until late Thursday. With that said, the best chance to view the Northern Lights Thursday night will be from 9 p.m. Thursday through 5 a.m. Friday before we turn overcast. It will be possible that you can see them Thursday night with the naked eye, but the best opportunity to view will be with a camera with a timed shutter.

Make sure you are away from city lights and look towards the northern sky. It will be worth a shot, so fingers crossed the clouds stay away for as long as they can!