Witness at border; ‘My God, it’s a car’

A witness at the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday told News10NBC about what he saw when, he says, a vehicle hit a concrete barrier and went airborne.

“I closed the door to my car, and about 30 feet from me I seen something airborne. I first thought it was an airplane. Looked like slow motion. And I said, ‘My God, it’s a car,'” said Rickie Wilson. “It’s a vehicle and it’s flying through the air. He hit the concrete barrier probably right at the signal, God knows how many feet before the bridge. It went airborne.

“The vehicle began to turn sideways and it went under something overhead, and then it hit something over there. And my prayer was just, please don’t let the officers get hit over there,” Wilson continued. “All of a sudden, I saw black smoke and then fire. There was no explosion. There was so much smoke, it was unbelievable.

“It was up in the air and it started to turn sideways. And then it went in. at that point I was just praying that it didn’t hit any of the border patrol officers.”