Woman found in Oregon accused of pulling out knife on officer in Lyons

LYONS, N.Y. — A woman was extradited to New York State from Oregon on Friday, accused of pulling out a knife on a police officer in the Town of Lyons.

Megan Thomas, 29, is charged with menacing a police officer, assault, and leaving the scene of property damage. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office say that, back in October of 2022, police pulled her car over after she left the scene of a crash. Deputies say she didn’t cooperate, resisted police, and pulled a knife out.

According to the sheriff’s office, police were able to disarm Thomas and arrested her, but she didn’t show up to her court appearances because she fled the state. Over a year later, in February of 2023, police found Thomas in Portland, Oregon and took her into custody. On Friday, Wayne County deputies flew to Oregon to take her back to New York State.

Thomas was taken to the Wayne County Jail and is scheduled to appear in county court.