Women’s vote day rally to celebrate 150th anniversary of Susan B. Anthony’s historic vote

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – On November 5, 1872 Susan B. Anthony made local and national history by becoming the first woman to cast her vote in the United States. Her brave act not only paved the way for womens’ right to vote, but was the first step in a journey that has led countless women to run for office.

To celebrate the significance of Rochester’s role in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, as well as the role that women play in local government, Senator Brouk and Assembly members Clark and Lunsford will be hosting a rally and march to the polls on the anniversary of Anthony’s vote, so that Rochesterians can proudly say that “I Voted When She Voted”.

The event was held on Saturday at Susan B. Anthony Square, 31 Madison Street, Rochester. Attendees were encouraged to cast their ballot on November 5th to receive a limited edition “I Voted When She Voted” sticker. Learn more about early voting here.