YouTuber crashes plane on purpose for video views

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LOMPOC, C.A. – A YouTuber is facing felony charges after recording and posting a video of a wild and dangerous stunt.

Federal authorities say 29-year-old Trevor Jacob intentionally crashed a plane- all for a Youtube video that now has more than three million views.

He pleaded guilty to the charges.

In the video, viewers see him jump out of the plane after the propellers stop, before the plane crashes. Jacob then plays it off as if it was an accident.

“I guess I should document what’s going on, I cut my finger pretty bad- I cut my elbow. I’m just so happy to be alive,” says Jacob in a self-recorded video after the crash.

Jacob says it wasn’t an accident, and later admitted to staging the whole thing. His lawyer says he is quote “taking full responsibility for his mistake in judgment”.

He could face up to 20 years in prison.