13 Years Later: Family searching for answers since son’s disappearance

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Thirteen years later, a Rochester family is still searching for answers after their son mysteriously disappeared.

Jonathan Bradley was 20 years old when he checked out of Strong Memorial Hospital in 2005 and he hasn’t been seen since. At this point, it has been 13 years since Jonathan was last seen and his father, Ray Bradley, says investigators at the Rochester Police Department have not given this case the attention it deserves.

“On May 2, he checked himself into Strong Memorial Hospital. They released the next morning and we haven’t seen him since,” Ray said.

Ray says Jonathan accidentally drank oven cleaner as a child and had health problems ever since. He went to the hospital to continue to get treatment for his ongoing condition.

“Two days after that we found his grandmother’s car that he used to go to the hospital behind a building on West Ave. and Thorndale,” Ray said. “We called 911 and the police came three days later.”

Ray says Rochester Police towed the car, but didn’t dust for prints, or search for clues.

“The leads were there, all they had to do was follow them,” Ray said. “That has me really upset how RPD handles young black men that go missing.”

Days after Jonathan went missing, his bank card was used at a McDonald’s in Florida, but the family says police still didn’t follow up. Since 13 years have passed, Ray knows he may never see his first-born son again.

“It hurts tremendously because I didn’t get to say goodbye,” Ray said. “I didn’t get to send him off the right way.” 

Despite that sobering fact, he and the rest of his family still wants and needs answers.

“Me and his mom are just looking for closure,” Ray said. “If they don’t want to call RPD, they can call me or his mother. If you see us on the street, just give us the information.”

The Bradley family has made some strong accusations, claiming police dropped the ball. News10NBC asked Rochester Police about that claim. A spokesperson did not address the allegations but says the investigation is ongoing. The spokesperson also added they will be reaching out to the family for an interview.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or the Bradley family at 585-576-7660 or 585-415-4507.