Bengals give Buffalo Bills 4th loss of season, 24-18

CINCINNATI, OH (WHEC) – The Buffalo Bills aim for a second straight win against a Cincinnati Bengals team who have been clicking on all cylinders.

3rd quarter takeaways

Mat Mlodzinski: Have to finish drives

The Bills have begun to move the ball in certain areas, but can’t seem to finish

2nd quarter takeaways

Jackson Roberts: Bills offense stalls

Buffalo’s offense stalled and they haven’t rebounded at this point. They were able to hold the Bengals off a few times, but Cincinnati ended up finding their mojo again. Bills offense has to wake up.

Mat Mlodzinski: Offensive struggles are back

The Bills first drive resembled the Bucs game and looked back to normal. However, since then, and especially in the 2nd quarter, the struggles amounted. Punts and a Josh Allen interception were the theme.

1st quarter takeaways

Jackson Roberts: Both teams proving why they are elite

The Buffalo Bills did everything right on their first drive of the game; up-tempo, different guys got involved, and they moved the ball well. The Bengals have done the same. Joe Burrow is taking what the Buffalo defense has given him.

Mat Mlodzinski: The team who punts less will win

Scoring every drive might be a requirement in this game. The Bengals went 2-for-2, both being touchdown drives in the first quarter. Buffalo had one of their own, but also punted on their second drive. The way Cincinnati has been playing, I’m not sure if punts will do any favors for the Buffalo Bills.