How CDC Covid recommendations affect upcoming school year

We are just weeks away from the start of the new school year. Although Covid-19 is still with us, the CDC no longer recommends certain restrictive measures like six-feet social distancing, and mandatory quarantines for those who are exposed.

News10NBC talked to Monroe County Executive Adam Bello about what parents should know as they send their kids back to school.

Bello is happy to see these restrictions dropped by the CDC, but says parents still need to be on top of their family’s health to help prevent any future spread of the virus.

“I’m a big proponent of getting our kids back to school, and making it normal as possible for these students,” said Bello.

As schools prepare to open their doors again, and welcome their students back Bello says schools are putting their plans in place to keep every safe.

“They’ve been out of school for too long. They went through way too much I think in terms of changing guidelines all the time,” said Bello.

Not all parents are comfortable sending their children back. Olga Morit is quite concerned for her children. News10NBC talked to her during a back to school Family Resource Fair at Rochester Regional Health.

“This is still around,” said Morit. She continued, “I don’t want my kids just to go to school healthy, and come back with any disease.”

Bello added, “Covid, I know it’s not top of mind anymore for lots of families. It’s still here as people know. A lot of people are still getting it. There’s a proliferation of test kits. We all know what we need to do to reduce the spread. We all know what we need to do if you catch it.”

Morit says her children will still wear a face mask while at school. They will also have plenty of hand sanitizer, and gloves.

“You know it’s so uncomfortable for me just to send them to school, but I have too. The district don’t give me other options for me to leave them home, and do remote,” said Morit.

Nataija Grace Ridley is leaning on her faith as she prepares to send her toddler to pre-school.

“I practice you know safe hand sanitizing, and good hygiene, and you know whatever comes you know God is gonna bring us through,” said Ridley

Thursday the CDC dropped a “Test-To-Stay” recommendation, which said students exposed to Covid could regularly test instead of quarantining at home, to keep going to school.