Members of Monroe County Legislature claim they received antisemitic mail

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Some members of the Monroe County Legislature claim to have received antisemitic mail.

The legislature says Majority Leader Michael Yudelson and other legislators received a statement in the past few days with the logos of the Green Party of Monroe County, Party for Socialism, and Liberation Finger Lakes filled with antisemitic tropes — demanding Monroe County no longer display the Israeli flag in front of the county office building.

The unsigned letter states that the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas was “well-earned.”

In a statement, the majority leader says:

“This type of unacceptable and ugly behavior must be called out each and every time it happens. We cannot normalize actions by those who seek to divide the community rather than find common ground. We all pray for an end to the loss of life in the region. However, this blatant antisemitism cannot be allowed to stand.”

The Republican Conference Leader, Steve Brew, says he, as well as other members of the GOP, stand with the Jewish community and fellow legislators.