Vertus High School invites families to Latino Community Day

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – In the wake of so much violence across Rochester, Vertus High School staff welcomed families to Latino Community Day on Saturday morning.

Administrator Yahaira Montero was among the Vertus High School staff welcoming families this morning at Latino Community Day.

“The goal of this event is to let the community know we are here for them. and we are targeting like every student that comes in,” Montero said.

Along with fun, food, and games, faculty had an opportunity to provide resources to students, all aimed at stopping violence before it starts.

“We actually have to look for ways. Working with the community and the school your son is in, so you can actually come together and fix the problem. you have to be present,” Montero said.

These are programs that Montero said can be especially critical for students without supportive parents.

“We have something call Perceptors which is a mentor program. There are some kids who do not have that parent, that father figure. And we have that here so they can have what they are missing in their life,” Montero said.

Recent Vertus graduate Brandon Tilisortiz was at the event and says events like Latino Community Day get important conversations started.

“Parents should be more careful with their parents going outside. and I feel like the police should be involved with parents and the community more, and Rochester in general as a whole,” Tilisortiz said. But ultimately, Tilisortiz said it comes down to know how to make the right choice.

“Worrying about our future and what things we can do in our community in Rochester to make a better community. Things like, me, I’m going to college for sports management, so I feel like kids should be more focused on those, than gun violence and gun violence in general,” Tilisortiz said.