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'May the Dose Be With You': Wayne County gets creative with May the Fourth vaccine clinic

Stephanie Duprey
Updated: May 04, 2021 11:21 PM
Created: May 04, 2021 10:07 PM

LYONS, N.Y. (WHEC) — "May the Dose Be With You", Wayne County Public Health hosted a Star Wars-themed vaccination clinic Tuesday, May 4, or "May the Fourth Be With You."

The goal now is to get everyone that hasn't gotten their COVID-19 shot into a chair to create herd immunity.

Stormtroopers, Princess Leia, and even Darth Vader were there encouraging people to get their vaccine. The Wayne County Health Department had 60 doses of Pfizer that they plan to get through by Wednesday.

Wayne County Public Health Director Diane Devlin said for Wayne County, vaccine hesitancy is sparking themed vaccination clinics.

"We're just trying to get everyone who wants to be vaccinated to get vaccinated and we're going to take our show on the road to the community and maybe we'll have more fun-themed events,” Devlin said.

Everyone had a chance to feel like a Jedi knight and hold a lightsaber as they got the jab.

At one point Stormtroopers filed into the event to get their doses too.

"I think it brings out people and it generates interest so it’s not just 'Oh let’s get a shot,'” Tom Vandemortel said.

He showed up head to toe in the iconic white armor.

The education factor is what's most important now to gain herd immunity. In the Finger Lakes region, 47.8% of our population has a least one dose. Christopher Casey who owns Mead Square Pharmacy Victor says he does what he can to break through to people who haven't had their shot or are hesitant to get it as he did with a young man he met in a sub shop the other day.

"He laughed when he sat down to get his vaccine and we both had masks on and he says you know why I'm here, he says last week you were out getting a sub and you talked me into getting a vaccine, I was hesitant but I just needed to work on the process," Casey said.

At this point, he's vaccinated more than 1,600 people and is now waiting to tackle the next challenge of getting doses out to teens. He says he's waiting to hear back from the state on the possible allocation of 1,170 doses of Pfizer to do that. 

"I'm hoping that they look at the fact that we haven't wasted a dose and we'll do whatever it needs I hope they award it to me because my first call will be to the superintendent of schools,” Casey said.

Casey said he will know by the end of this week if he will get the doses. Wayne County says it’s not definite but it is the season for prom, which could be the theme for their next clinic.

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