Winter's second act

Updated: February 06, 2020 11:44 PM
Created: February 06, 2020 10:31 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — We are about halfway through the winter. 

We rang in the New Year, we saw the groundhog come out of his hole, and the Super Bowl celebrations are done.  


These are all events that foreshadow we are through the middle of winter.

But what about the snow? Sam LaRocca wanted to see what Rochesterians had to say about this winter so far.

Sam LaRocca: "Would you say we have seen an average amount of snow or above average?"

Akaby Washington: "I don't even think we have seen average I think we have seen below average."

Madison Koch: "I feel like there has been less snow like snow storms."

Alexandria Trobia: "There hasn't been that much snow it comes and it goes I guess"

Sam LaRocca: "Would you be shocked if I said totals are average?"

Jordan Leshner: "I am not going to complain but I will be honest with you, it is below average because I have to keep cleaning these windows."

Eloise Johnson: "I would expect more snow right now."

And that is what a lot of people have been saying. 

Not only do they feel they have seen a calm winter, but one with below-average totals.  

We do have snow in the forecast over the next couple of days and totals will only go up from there.

Madison Koch: "The winters are long here so it gets to be a lot by the end of it."

We have seen close to 60 inches of snow this season, and there's more on the way.

Believe it or not, Rochester is actually sitting atop the list of snowiest big cities in the united states! So, while it may not feel like it's been an impressive winter for many, Rochester is the place to be this year!

We're beating places like Colorado, Anchorage Alaska, and our neighbors to the east and west, who typically get slammed by lake effect, but have seen much less than us this year.

Now, if you're still waiting for "the big one", don't give up! We have a tendency to see our biggest daily snowfalls in the back half of winter. Take March of 1999 for example. We had back to back whoppers, dumping 22" of snow on the area on March 4. This stopped people in their tracks, and many spent hours digging out.

Just two days later, on March 6, we recorded another 18" of snow! So, that was about 40" of snow (almost half of our annual snowfall) in a matter of a few days!

And then many will remember this one: Feb. 16, 2016. This was an event where the snow fell fast and furious, during the morning commute. Highways were at a complete standstill, people were frustrated, and this even left 490 closed!

So, what does that mean for the rest of this winter?

We had some bigger storms for the first half of winter, but we were just a little too warm to see significant snow. Instead, we saw a mix or rain. We may trend a bit colder for the second half of winter. So, keeping that active storm track, but adding in a little bit of colder air, may actually mean we could still see some of those bigger snows that we traditionally see.

So, don't give up on winter yet!

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