Accused corner store rapist pleaded not guilty

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ROCHESTER N.Y. (WHEC) — A judge arraigned the two men charged in a disturbing corner store rape that happened on Scio Street last month.

A grand jury indicted Shadad Alghaithy on seven additional charges including sexual abuse, rape, and attempted sexual abuse after four new victims came forward. Alghaithy also pleaded not guilty to those charges. He and James Hampton are also facing weapons charges in connection to the original incident on March 19.

“This one due to the number of victims is certainly, you know, of greater. It makes you think a little bit more," said Assistant District Attorney Kevin Sunderland.

"These all did occur at the same location and it is something that we are very aware of, and that’s one of the reasons why we took it so seriously. And the community really came together and reached out. And that’s one of the reasons why we were able to have the indictment that we have."

The judge issued an order of protection for all of the two men’s accusers. Hampton and Alghaithy are due back in court at the end of May for a motion hearing.

“The community really came together and reached out and that’s one of the reasons why we were able to have the indictment that we have,” Assistant District Attorney Kevin Sunderland said. “There are, like I said, five total victims in this case.”

The case of 20-year-old Shadad Alghaithy and 28-year-old James Hampton is moving forward. Both were back in court after being accused of rape and locking a young girl in a corner store on Central Park across the street from a school in March.

“These cases are always disturbing,” Sunderland said. “There’s no way to go around that, unfortunately, these cases are throughout our community and they’re always like that. This one, due to the number of victims, is certainly, you know, greater. It makes you think a little bit more.”

The store has since been shut down as the investigation continues.

Sunderland said as soon as the news hit the four new victims came forward against Alghaithy for sex abuse and rape.

“These victims, I think, felt a belief that they needed their voice needed to be heard and we are very appreciative that they made this choice, this opportunity to come forward.”

Both signed off on full stay-away orders of protection and they or anyone on their behalf cannot reach out to those victims in any way.

“You just cannot ever underestimate the power of it, of a minor or any victim coming forward and especially a child and it’s one of those things that we hate that it happens in our community,” Sunderland said. “So when it does, we do everything we can, no matter who the victim is, to get them justice.”