Family remembers mother of 5 killed in crash Sunday

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — News10NBC is still waiting to find out what charges will be filed against the young people involved in that deadly stolen car crash.

Meanwhile, reporter Patrick Moussignac talked to the victim’s mother, Gloria Pugh, who is trying to come to terms with the fact that her oldest daughter is no longer with us.

Sunday’s fatal crash which killed 36-year-old Tishara Pugh is something her mother Gloria never imagined would happen to her, and her family. Pugh says her daughter was a wonderful mother.

"Enjoyed and loved her kids, and it’s unfortunate that we’re in these times right now," Pugh said.

Tishara died soon after her car was "T-boned" on Whittlesey Street and Seward Street by a car with four suspects inside who were trying to flee from Rochester Police.

"The impact was so great with the motor coming out the car. She didn’t really have a chance," Pugh said.

Tishara left behind five children ranging in age from 13, all the way down to 10 months. Pugh said her family was forced to share the bad news with them.

"They asked questions until they found out. Now they’re not really asking, just watching and observing seems like, but it’s hard on all of us, the loss of their mother." Pugh said.

Clay Harris, the Founder of Uniting and Healing Through Hope of Monroe County grew up in the same neighborhood as Tishara, but he admits that he doesn’t know her personally.

Earlier this year tragedy hit his own family when a drunk driver killed his father. He called her tragic death a murder and says the community needs to step up.

"When will we come out in masses, and say enough is enough? We got to train our children up. We got to help our children because many of them are training themselves. That’s part of the problem, but nobody’s talking about it," Harris said.

For now, the Pugh family is preparing to say their final goodbyes to Tishara.

"We’re holding each other up. That’s all we can do, but she would be greatly missed," Pugh said.

Two of the four suspects remain hospitalized as charges are still pending. Pugh’s passenger is still in the hospital as well. Pugh told News10NBC that Tishara was pregnant again at the time of her death.