Final 3 names released in naming contest for Seneca Park Zoo’s snow leopard cub: Here’s how to vote

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— We have a big update for a little cub!

The final round of naming for the snow leopard cub at the Seneca Park Zoo was launched Friday, and you’ve got a shot at deciding what the little guy will be named.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Tashi (means “Good luck/fortune” in Tibetan)
  • Sabu (means “snow leopard” in Tibetan)
  • Kenji (means “strong” in Himalayan)

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said those three names came from a pool of more than 750 submissions from people across the community over the summer.

The cub, which is now 5 months old, was born battling an infection and at time, organizers said it had a “tough road” ahead. The still-unnamed cub had to be separated from his mother, Timila. Now, organizers say he has grown into a "normal, healthy, happy" cub.

Voting goes through Oct.4, you can cast your choice here!