Good Question: Are there different age cutoffs for the COVID vaccine?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— Supply and demand.

It’s the main issue when it comes to trying to get the COVID vaccine. If you qualify– whether by age group or by your job—there are just so many appointments to go around right now. That can lead to a lot of disappointment if you had a spot then lost it for some reason.

It happened to one viewer’s family this week. Melissa told News10NBC’s Brennan Somers: My son who also works for a nursing home was also turned away today because the facility he was sent to for his vaccine is 18 or older, and they did not have the vaccine for the 16 and older.

Is there an age cutoff for the two vaccines going out now? Yes. It isn’t the same, either.

Let’s start with Pfizer. Its emergency approval covers people 16 and older. Moderna’s vaccine got approved for those at least 18 years old.

For the time being, we just don’t have enough evidence yet from studies of different age groups to show it’s safe for them. Both companies are running test trials to find that answer, but experts say it’s not clear if we’ll have those results in time for younger kids to get shots before the school year picks up again in the fall.


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