Good Question: How come the airport bar is closed?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— You check your bags, get through security, and then maybe want to sit down to grab some food and a drink before your flight.

It’s a pretty common sight to see when all the airport bars and restaurants are open—which isn’t the case here.

Anthony reached out to News10NBC’s Brennan Somers: How come the Rochester airport bar is closed? I traveled all over the country and this is the only place where the bar/restaurant is closed.

Somers got online to start figuring out what’s going on.

There’s a whole list of restaurants, bars, and other vendors on the airport’s website. Most are open with hours posted. But the Flight Deck Diner closed, On the Roc’s Sports Bar & Grill is also closed.

But why?

Somers reached out to airport and county officials.

Here’s what he got:

  • Flight Deck Diner and On the Rocs Sports Bar closed because of COVID-19 and lack of passengers.
  • On the Rocs is reopening mid-August and they are working to hire staff now
  • Still, no timetable for Flight Deck Diner to reopen once again.

That’s not to say if you have a trip coming up there isn’t any place to get food and drinks. Gusto, the Italian restaurant, has been open and does serve alcohol.


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