Good Question: Is it safe to drink before or after vaccine appointments?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) —You’ve probably seen pics of people marking the occasion on social media after they got their shot by taking selfies with their vaccine card or making other posts.

Here’s something else getting some talk recently: Can I have a celebratory drink after getting my shot?

Maybe that’s for you, and you want to have a toast to better days ahead. Should you drink alcohol after getting the vaccine or between doses if you’re getting two shots?

There are no formal rules telling people to skip out on having a drink in the days before or after receiving the vaccine. Just remember this: always in moderation.

Doctors say there’s no evidence drinking a little booze reduces the formation of antibodies. If you want to have a celebratory drink or two the night after getting your shot? Enjoy.

Again, don’t go overboard. Some people may have flu-like symptoms after getting vaccinated. That could include a headache, fatigue, or chills. The CDC has a ‘V-safe’ health app you can use to report vaccine side effects.

Being hungover will make things worse and you don’t want to confuse symptoms.


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