Good Question: Should you get the vaccine if you had COVID?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— Here are some Good Questions about COVID tests and vaccines.

We know so many of you have had a least one COVID test by now, possibly several, and some viewers want to know how the results are counted, and should you get a shot if you’ve had COVID before.

Jonathan says he got three positive results when he got the virus in the fall, so how does the state count those tests? What happens if you’re positive and take another test to double-check? Do all of them count?

That answer is no.

We’ve spoken with state health officials about this before, they do keep a tally on the total number of COVID tests performed each day,
but when it comes to positive test results, they only count one positive per person: the first one you get.

That leads us to the other issue for those who have been sick and since recovered- If and when you can get a vaccine, should people who’ve already had the virus get a shot?

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control say yes.

Right now, they just don’t know how long what’s called "natural immunity" will last. Early evidence shows that may not be very long, so the vaccine should be offered to you regardless if you’ve had COVID.


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