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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— In a year full of Good Questions, we’ve put together a top 10 list of your most popular questions on

Let’s take a look back, as we look forward.

Good Question: Are the new toll readers tracking your speed?

This was our most popular question of the year, and was part of a larger series of questions you had as the thruway went cashless towards the end of the year.

Good Question: What happened to Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans?

This Good Question kicked in right around Thanksgiving. We could not believe how many of you asked us what happened to the locally-made beans, and then later, you asked us where you could find them!

Good Question: Specific color of pen, pencil for absentee voting?

Heading into an election season amidst the pandemic, you asked us a lot of Good Questions. This one focused on a very specific tool needed to fill out your absentee ballot.

Good Question: Do we still quarantine after a negative test?

Like election season, the coronavirus pandemic has proved to bring out a flood of questions. This one from July focused on your health, after testing negative for the virus.

Good Question: When will campgrounds reopen?
Most of us spent the first part of the pandemic in lockdown, but as the weather got warmer, many of you wanted to know if a traditional summer getaway would be there for us.

Good Question: When are bank lobbies reopening?

Banks are considered essential in New York, but at the time, not all of them were open. At the very least, they kept you out of the lobbies.

Good Question: Car wash refunds?

Pandemic or not, you still have to get your car washed, but, in the early part of lockdown, there were restrictions on just who could go through the wash.

Good Question: Which stores have hours for seniors to get what they need?

Who could forget all the changes we first witnessed at the start of the pandemic? One of the many things we saw switch up was the way we grocery shopped, and that was no different for some of our population’s most vulnerable people.

Good Question: Where does the canal water go during winter?

This GQ came to us in a pre-pandemic world, and had to do with where the canal’s water flows out to in the winter. Still don’t know? Check it out!

Good Question: Can CPAP machines help save coronavirus patients?

At the time of this Good Question, ventilators were in desperately short supply, and among the many questions you had about your health, this one popped near the top.

And there you have it, 10 of your most popular Good Questions. Of course, we expect you to have even more questions in 2021. What will they be?


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