Good Question: What do I pay for car trouble on the Thruway?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)—Here’s a Good Question about problems on the road.

Planning a trip soon? Maybe driving down the state Thruway? Here is something to ask yourself: Do you know what to do, and how much it’ll cost if you have car trouble and get stuck?

A viewer named Deb started to wonder that after a recent trip, and she asked News10NBC’s Brennan Somers: If you are towed off the Thruway, how do they figure your tolls? This came up in conversation when there were a lot of breakdowns that we saw coming back from Connecticut, I was wondering how that works because you never know.

That’s a Good Question.

Of course, if your car breaks down, the toll will be the least of your problems, so let’s get that out of the way first. Somers checked with the Thruway Authority, and they told him drivers don’t have to pay any tolls past the point of where they get picked up.

But, be sure to take your E-ZPass out of the car before you’re towed. You can always call the authority for help with billing.

So, what else will you have to pay? Besides all the tolls leading up to the issue with your car, fees for roadside service, repair costs, towing charges, and you’ll have to call an authorized Thruway garage. State officials say the rates are competitive to off-Thruway prices.

There’s a whole detailed list showing you this posted online.

For example, it costs more to get towed on the weekend, a holiday..and at night. There’s also a rate per-mile fee you’d have to pay among other charges to move you where you want to go off 90.

It’s important to note, Thruway gas stations don’t offer roadside service, even for minor repairs like jumping a battery or changing tires. There’s a number you can call to get the repair crew from an authorized garage closest to you, it’s 1-800-842-2233.


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