Good Question: Why did the DMV make this change for the driving test?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— Getting your license and cleared to drive–it’s a right of passage for so many teens. However, there’s a new change to process and one thing in particular.

Jake asked News10NBC’s Brennan Somers: "You are no longer told if you pass or fail after the test. You have to go online at the end of the day. Why did this change? I know a couple of people who have kids that this happened to. Luckily my kid passed her test a couple of years ago. The DMV clearly admits it changed but can’t tell me when or why."

When you go to the DMV’s website, you’ll see a section about the road test results. There’s not a lot to it.

It states: "After the road test, the examiner will give you instructions on how to receive your test results."

Somers asked the state DMV for more info on the new road test setup.

A spokesperson told him "The DMV implemented a new system where customers now receive their road test result electronically the same day as their road test. This is designed to protect the integrity of the test and enable the results to be provided in a safe and secure manner to all customers."

That’s the answer as to why there’s no more finding out pass or fail right on the spot.

Think of it this way as well— it’s a fun moment if your teen gets the all-clear and they can get going, but if someone fails, it could be a little tense if a parent or kid isn’t happy and the examiner is right there.

You don’t want anything getting out of hand.


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