News10NBC Investigates: What’s next for Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley? 

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – During an exclusive sit-down interview with News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said she has no intention of resigning despite the mounting outside investigations into her conduct during a traffic stop in Webster last week. 

Body-worn camera video, obtained by News10NBC through the Freedom of Information Law on Friday, shows Doorey failed to stop for an officer who was attempting to pull her over for speeding, instead calling the Police Chief to tell him she’d be driving home. When Doorley exited her SUV in her garage, the footage shows she began berating and swearing at the officer who was attempting to pull her over, handing him her phone to speak with the chief and failing to comply with his commands. She was eventually written a ticket for going 55 in a 35. 

In an extended interview with News10NBC on Tuesday, Doorley addressed her behavior, apologized and said she had tried to call the officer to personally apologize twice but he had yet to accept her calls. 

News10NBC also spoke with her about what happens from here: 

Jennifer Lewke, News10NBC investigative reporter: “A majority of city, county, and state lawmakers from this area have called for outside investigations into your actions both criminally and ethically. Do you welcome those?”  

Sandra Doorley. Monroe County district attorney:  “Absolutely. I welcome anyone to look at the circumstances surrounding that day, and judge me like I do every other case that comes into this office. We judge criminal matters on the individual facts. What happened that day to that person, we look at the character and nature of the defendant, whether or not there was a victim, and I just ask them to treat me like that. I can’t tell this community enough how embarrassed and sorry I am.”

Lewke: “The governor has weighed in on this. She has directed the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct to investigate. You will be its first investigation and it’s my understanding that you initially did not support even the existence of this so, how do you balance that in your mind? A state investigation by an agency that is fairly novice at this?”

Doorley: “Just to be clear, I served for a time as the president of the District Attorney’s Association and that was one of the issues that we were talking about whether or not, there should be a Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct. You know there’s also a grievance committee. I’m agreeing to self report to the grievance committee. I welcome any investigation. I will cooperate and will handle whatever punishment is handed down to me because I am truly, truly sorry.” 

Lewke: “There’s a lot of people who have bad days and they’re still expected to pull over when a cop is behind them with their lights and sirens on.” 

Doorley: “Absolutely. Absolutely. I have absolutely no excuse for what I did. As I said, if I could, I would do it totally different. I know that my stress, it was there, but again everyone has stress and I’m sorry. I can’t tell you enough how sorry I am and how much I regret what I did. I am mortified. It’s not me, Jenn.”

Lewke: “For people who say, ‘She’s only apologizing because she got caught on the body camera,’ what do you say?”

Doorley: “I respect law-enforcement. For what I did to that officer, I needed to apologize. It doesn’t matter what was on body-worn camera. I was unprofessional. It hurts me that I did it.”

The Monroe County Office of Public Integrity and Ethics Committee, the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct, and the Attorney Grievance Committees within the Fourth Judicial Department will all investigate Doorley’s behavior during the traffic stop. The Onondaga County District Attorney has also been asked to review the case. 

Doorley: “At this point, I know that Bill Fitzpatrick is working with the governor’s office and members of the District Attorney’s Association and I’m going to leave it in their hands and I’ll fully cooperate with whatever they decide.” 

Jennifer Lewke: “Is there still a possibility you could be arrested for what happened and charged with criminal charges beyond the ticket?”

Doorley: “I welcome any investigation and I will accept the consequences.”