Fact Check: Rumors of a bump in Social Security benefits

Fact Check: Will you see $600 hike in Social Security?

Fact Check: Will you see $600 hike in Social Security?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Almost 70 million people, on average, received benefits from Social Security last year. For many, that monthly check is critical. But there are rumors that recipients will be getting a boost in their payments starting this month.

A headline from a website claiming to be a news site says the long-awaited $600 increase for Social Security will go into effect in the coming weeks. And it’s not the only place News10NBC found this claim.

So, should you expect to see an extra $600 in your Social Security check this month? The answer is no.

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This rumor was easy to disprove. The Social Security Administration issued an alert at the top of its webpage earlier this month saying the reports of a June payment increase are false.

The Social Security Administration does adjust the benefits on a yearly basis as part of a cost of living adjustment. But those only happen in January.

Even so, the rumor of a June bump got so much traction, the Commissioner of Social Security posted on “X” that their 800-number was slammed with more than 463,000 calls in one day — in part because of the “bogus news story about a $600 payment increase.”

So, before you start spending that windfall, know that reports of a $600 monthly increase in Social Security are false.

What can you expect when the cost of living adjustment does kick in, in January?

Statisticians at the nonprofit organization, The Senior Citizens League, project the increase to be around 2.6% — which would be lower than this year’s bump of 3.2%.

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