Good Question: Why is there a payment and billing services charge on RG&E bills?

Good Question: RG&E charge

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Why is there a 99-cent payment and billing services charge on monthly RG&E bills? It might not seem like much but who sets it and what is it used for?

Alan asks, “is this not a normal cost of doing business?”, highlighting the payment and billing services charge on his bill. Another viewer had a similar question, saying: “I called RG&E inquiring about these charges, and I was told they included the cost for someone to come out to your house and conduct a meter read. Well, I have not had anyone in my home for years to read the meter, so why was I charged?”

Under the “terms and definitions” on the bill, it says the 99-cent fee is the cost to produce and send you (electronically or paper) a bill and process payments.

An RG&E representative told News10NBC that the utility doesn’t set that fee. The New York State Public Service Commission does.

The Public Service Commission says the charge “was initially established in the previous RG&E rate case.” That was set in October of 2023.

The commission adds “the money, which goes to the utility, was based on a cost-of-service study submitted in the rate case by the utility. Utility companies are permitted by the PSC to recover the costs associated with processing bills.”

You might be wondering, what is the previous RG&E rate case that the PSC referred to? It’s part of a required review process that the commission says is meant to protect customer interests and cut costs. You can learn more here.

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