Man arraigned after being arrested for sexual assaults on Park Ave

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Hayden Cypressi was arraigned before a judge in Monroe County court on Wednesday morning.

He’s the man accused of raping a woman and attempting to rape three other women in the Park Avenue neighborhood.

The district attorney’s office says the crimes happened between May and October. Chief Investigative Reporter Berkeley Brean was in court this morning and talked to the prosecution and defense.

Defense lawyer Matthew Lembke: “The first thing I will say is that everyone who knows Hayden his parents, siblings, his friends, his close friends, and his family are just shocked about even the allegations.”

Prosecutor: Constance Patterson: “It tells the community this individual is an actual predator. This indvidual going after individuals spefically woman in the Park Ave area.”

Cypressi has pleaded not guilty to these felony charges.