St. Rita’s pays tribute to Sisters of Mercy killed in crash

WEBSTER, N.Y. – St. Rita’s paid tribute to two Sisters of Mercy killed in a car crash in Pennsylvania over the weekend.

They were honored Thursday during a Mass at St. Rita’s in which the priest wore a stole by Sister Arlene Semesky. She and three other Sisters of Mercy were on their way from the Sisters of Mercy house on Lake Erie to celebrate Mass.

Sister Joanne Deck was driving when the group was hit by a pickup truck. Her death was announced Thursday. Sister Arlene died in the car upon impact.

Both women lived at St. Rita’s.

“Arlene was enthusiastic, larger than life. Joanne was quieter, but had a zest for life, and was just always present,” Sister Kathleen Wayne said.

She said support from the community members who knew both women made the remembrance ceremony special.