Community leaders are saying “enough is enough” to City violence

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A 4-year-old child is out of the hospital, and continues to recover after she was shot Saturday. Meanwhile, Rochester Police are still looking for the person who pulled the trigger.

Community leaders are saying “enough is enough.” It’s a message we’ve heard many times, and the members of Uniting and Healing Through Hope of Monroe County continue to call on the community to stop the violence.

Law enforcement, and church leaders joined Uniting and Healing Through Hope of Monroe County to denounce Saturday’s shooting. That 4-year-old was in a car with other adults, and children near Seyle Terrace, and Pierpont Avenue when someone fired at them.

No one has been arrested for the shooting, but one of the adults was charged with criminal possession of a weapon for having an unloaded handgun in the trunk.

Monday the activists stood just down the street, and called out both local, and state politicians who continue to support the original Bail Reform Act, saying they are disconnected from the violence happening in many neighborhoods across the city. 

“Our elected officials, stop making excuses. There’s time to change and tweak some of these laws, because you’re aiding and abetting some of these criminals. I understand what you were doing, trying to do, and want to do, but you went too far. It’s time to come back a little bit to the middle. We need a dangerous standard,” said Founder Clay Harris.

News10NBC reached out to Mayor Malik Evans who released this statement saying in part, “This weekend’s shooting of a 4-year-old child once again illustrates that a small percentage of people have such a depraved indifference to human life that they don’t even care if children are caught in the crossfire. We will continue to work to bring these individuals to justice.”

If you have any information that can help lead to an arrest in this shooting, Rochester Police would like to hear from you. Just dial 911.