Consumer Alert: Battle between Spectrum and Disney continues

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Disney pulled all 118 channels off Spectrum, including ESPN, last Thursday just before the Labor Day holiday. The two sides are still miles apart. What happens here has broad implications because it could dictate the future pay tv options like cable and satellite.

This big bucks battle has profound implications. Over the last five years cable, satellite and other multi-channel providers have lost 25% of their customer base to streaming services. And, it’s happening at a time when programmers are moving shows to streaming options, like Netflix and Prime Video. In this environment Spectrum says Disney’s fees are excessive.

Here’s a huge sticking point: Spectrum wants Disney to include the apps for the channels you’re already paying for as part of your cable package. For example: Spectrum argues that charging you, the customer, for an ESPN streaming app when you’re already getting ESPN on cable is like charging you twice. And, spectrum says in turn, it would promote Disney’s streaming options on cable, a veritable win-win. Right? Wrong.

Monday Disney threw another salvo in the war against Spectrum. In a blog it told consumers to ditch Spectrum writing “Luckily, consumers have more choices today than ever before to immediately access the programming they want without a cable subscription. For starters, there’s Hulu Plus Live TV.”

Disney has a majority stake in Hulu.

Hulu Plus Live TV is $70 a month.

I found some temporary free options for you while we wait for these media giants to settle their spat. They’re all streaming services  for which  you must have high speed internet.

YouTube TV has a 14 day free trial and hopefully by the time you cancel the Disney Spectrum battle will be over. Fubo TV has a seven-day free trial. Direct TV stream has a five-day free trial

Several of you have written to me to say that when you called Spectrum to complain, you got a $15 credit toward your next bill. If you do that, it would pay most of the cost of the orange package with Sling TV. It’s half off for the first month. So, you could pay 20 bucks and then cancel.

YouTube TV: 14-day free trial

Fubo TV: 7-day free trial

DirecTV Stream: 5-day free trial

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